Why Clean Your Parkade Regularly

Has this ever happened to you? You drive home after a long day of work into your parkade.

But your Parkade is filthy- full or dirt and gravel. It stinks! You’re so tired of it, and you wonder if it might even be making you sick. But this Dirty parkade isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s actually a threat.

Why? Imagine if it never rained for an entire year, what the streets and roads would look like. They would be filthy, filled with pollen, dirt, salt, oil, who knows what else. Your parkade has this issue. It’s not cleaned naturally by rain as it’s a closed environment. The dirt and debris in your parkade can actually be contaminated with heavy metals: Exposure can even cause respiratory issues!

That’s, not all, these pollutants can actually destroy your parkade- both chemically and physically. What do I mean? The salt from the roads can cause the steel re-bar in the concrete can leak and crack and the steel to corrode, which weakens the entire structure. Unless cleaned regularly, the membrane on top of the concrete can wear down, causing costly repairs. Tires from vehicles constantly grind road gravel through the membranes, allowing chemicals and water to seep through. This can cause the membrane to separate, damaging both the membrane and the concrete. If left alone, eventually the added dust and debris can cause damage fire systems, fire alarms, gas meters, drains, sumps, even indoor surfaces like carpets and tile!

So how can you fight against these costly repairs and health threats?

The best plan is to have your parkade regularly swept and power scrubbed. This is the best total value for your property, as concrete repair is costly and inconvenient. Some concrete repair can even cost over $1000 per square meter!

A professional parkade cleaning company will first power sweep the entire parkade with an industrial power sweeping machine. After the dirt and debris are removed from the site, they are free to power wash the surface with an industrial grade pressure washer, with up to 6000 psi of water pressure. This will loosen stains and spots in the concrete, deep cleaning the concrete, edges, and pillars. Finally, an industrial power scrubber deep scrubs the concrete, leaving everything clean, dry and fresh. If needed, line painting can be applied after the cleaning session is accomplished.

For best value, this treatment is recommended for enclosed parkades every 6 months, and at a minimum at least once a year. By choosing a professional parkade cleaning company, you will help protect your health, your property, and the environment.