The Advantage of Installing an Inverter – It Pays to Invest!

A solar microinverter is a tool used in photovoltaics. Basically, it converts a direct current into an alternating current generated by just one solar module. They are relatively new to the green living market, and are gaining in popularity. These beauties are designed to be attached to either one or two solar panels.

This is a benefit over previous inverters in that the panel works independently from the rest, and DC power is changed to AC almost instantly. A solar panel that has a micro inverter attached during production is referred to an AC module, which have many benefits on their own.

Advantage #1 – The Entire System Won’t Go Down

Since each panel works independently with the AC, this means the whole string won’t be affected by poorly performing panels. Things like power lines, shade, dirt, age and the like won’t cause them to under-perform. Every panel will put out its maximum power individually even if the panels next to them are suffering.

In addition, the panels can go anywhere on the roof. With a string assembly they have to be bunched together.

Advantage #2 – Longevity

Due to stringent testing, even in extreme weather, micro inverters including the most popular brands can outlast the life of any solar panel. They also have great warranties; some a 25-year! Investing in a high-quality micro inverter is worth every penny and saves one from dealing with any hassle as far as failures and eventual replacement.

Again, replacing one panel is much more affordable than having to replace an entire string when just one fails, so expect the system to last quite long!

Advantage #3 – Monitoring

Micro inverter systems allow for better monitoring than older style inverters. This is mainly because they can be monitored on a single panel basis. When working with a reliable company for installation, they can come back and monitor on a regular basis to determine which panels may be failing. Some brands will monitor all systems worldwide!

Advantage #4 – Value

Manufacturers of micro inverters stress that whilst the cost of the product is more at first, they carry better value over time. In fact, many say the cost is recouped within four years. This is due largely to a better performance and output and extreme reliability. Those who invest in string systems may find themselves replacing them within 5 years, and oddly enough they mostly carry a 5-year warranty!

Advantage #5 – Safety

String converters have been known to cause fires, though it’s not very common. This is because the high voltage produced that runs through walls and the roof, and is slowly converted from DC to AC. Since micro converters are converted instantly, there is less chance of a fire happening. Anyone who is installing would agree, better safe than sorry in any circumstance, which is why micro converters are the top choice. Proper care and maintenance is still necessary with any solar installation.

Advantage #6 – Quick Installation

Nobody wants their daily routine interrupted for long. Installers love micro converters because they already have the inverters mounted to the panels, and all they have to do is lay them in place and plug them together! Most companies pass on the savings to the buyer as well.

All in all, the benefits of choosing a micro inverter over other models are plentiful. It pays to partner with a company that installs panels on the daily, and that has extreme knowledge of the latest and greatest products on the market. This way, the consumer will know they’ve gotten the very best product available for their investment and future savings.