Questions to Ask when Choosing a Boarding School

Boarding schools should be ‘home away from home’ where students can immerse themselves in their academic life, while also making lifelong friendships. It is a unique relationship between parent, school and child and as long as it has the right environment, it can benefit your child as well as their school experience in different ways. When you are looking for a boarding school for your child, here are some of the things you can consider:

  • Is the school staff caring?

When you are looking for the right boarding school, make sure you find one that has a caring staff. You want your child to be in a safe environment with a team that can guide them through challenging situations.

  • Do they provide time and space to grow?

Ideally, a good boarding school should provide plenty of space and fresh air for children to enjoy, such as Rugby School Thailand. Attending a boarding school can give kids more time to study, enjoy activities and also spend time with their friends.

  • What kind of facilities do they offer?

The facilities offered in the school become a part of your child’s daily life and environment. Therefore, you need to ascertain what kind of facilities are available. These include running tracks, swimming pools, a library, gym, music and art facilities and even dining facilities.

  • Does the school offer additional learning support?

Some boarding schools do have the policy of providing their students with additional study opportunities from professional and expert teachers in order to improve their academic performance. Apart from that, you also need to ensure that the academic staff of the school also has the right credentials to teach and are willing to support the students at every stage.

The answers to these questions can help you choose the right school for your children to secure their future.

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