Help in These Difficult Times

We are all facing difficult situations with this Covid virus. Loved ones lost, isolation and loneliness, the fear and anxiety felt my so many. Not to mention the worries of the front-line workers, carers, nurses and all the other people putting their lives at risk for the benefit of others.

The worry of lost jobs and business closures can be all-consuming for families facing hardship and the uncertainty of the coming months. The government have made some provisions with their supporting financial arrangements but it will not be sufficient to help all workers.

The broken relationships spurred on by the high stress levels, money worries, businesses collapsing, or the loss of the breadwinner by death, as besides targeting the elderly and the Black and Asian communities, men seem more affected than women.

The marriage guidance counsellors have been inundated with calls also the child help-line. The amount of violence within homes has escalated beyond comprehension.

How can society be helped to repair itself? People are suicidal, hurting, frightened not knowing where to turn for help. The uncertainty is compounded by the fact there is no certainty there will not be further spikes of the devastating virus. Some countries have eradicated the virus and it has struck again.

In amongst all this desperation more Black men in America have been killed by police. This injustice has struck a chord with societies all over the world resulting in massive rallies in major towns in many countries,causing people to defy lockdown rules and social distancing. What will this do to the spread of the virus it will be a week or two before we find out?

We must keep strong and endure shielding and social distancing for a little longer and find peace in nature on our daily walks. I am lucky I have a garden I am not stuck in a high-rise flat with several children.

What have I done to support myself through these difficult times? I found an online program from WHO AM I, it breaks down the steps to becoming resilient and happy over 10 weeks. It has helped me see the bigger picture, to wake up, to remember who I am.

What attracted me were the great testimonials I read on the website, so much of what I was experiencing featured in these so I decided to give it a go. I am part way through and am feeling so much better; I am not an affiliate for this program but perhaps it’s something that would help you too.