Tips for Securing Your Home While You Are Out on Holidays

Holidays are something that everyone looks for. They are the great chance to spend quality time with your family and friends and to get relieve from the real world for quite some time. But are your holidays giving you the peace of mind you craved for or are they creating headaches? Before you leave your house, home security is the first thing that comes to your mind. Holiday season is when the most of break-ins occur. You can leave all your stress back at home and enjoy your holidays to the fullest with these home security tips.

Engage With Your Neighbours

Start getting to know your neighbours. It only takes a smile to start the conversation which can be of great help while you are out and can make you feel more secure. Living alone has become more common now a days. Today one in four Australians are living alone which have quite a bad impact on their health. There are lot many benefits than you can think of engaging with neighbours.

You can ask them to collect your mail and take out the rubbish bins while you are out for holidays so that the burglars don’t realise that the house is unoccupied.

Give them your number where they can reach you so that if something unusual happens you are just one phone call away.

Guard Your Keys

Never leave your keys in the backyard or in the windows or plants of your house. If someone tries to break-in through windows they can easily get the access to keys and can easily enter your house. Also never lend your keys to tradespeople and acquaintances as this also might pose a risk. It’s always better to ask them not to come for some time.

Social Media

Never share your personal details on social media such as your address, your phone number. This might help burglars land at your home. Don’t share your holiday plans on social media. Avoid sharing images of your vacations while you are away. You can also disallow the location sharing on the Facebook which tells people where you are. Keep a check on the kid’s social media what they are posting and ask them not to share anything personal.

Look As If You Are Home

Hang some clothes outside your home so that they give the feeling if someone is at home. You can also turn the TV on so that there is some noise in the house. This can definitely prevent them from entering the house.

Install CCTV and Alarm Systems

Get a good CCTV and alarm system installed at your home. A wireless, pet friendly alarm system can easily help you with all your safety needs. CCTV’s are quite affordable now and can play a pivotal role in securing your home and if any burglary happens, you can use the videos as the evidence to show to the police or in court.