Creating Order From Chaos With Custom Closets

Custom closets are a great solution for conquering chaotic storage spaces in your home. A talented designer can create a system for you that makes use of every nook and cranny and makes your available space more efficient and functional.

Your new storage system can be designed to meet your unique needs as well, whatever they may be. So, whether you need shelving for an extensive vintage shoe collection or double rods for hanging an impressive array of pantsuits, your closet designer can craft a structure tailored specifically for you. Custom closets also boost the value of your home if you ever decide to sell. If you are thinking of upgrading your storage system, here are some factors to consider to ensure you get a design that meets your needs.

Varieties of Custom Closets

The top styles for custom closets include the walk-in, the reach-in, and the wardrobe. If you have an adjacent spare bedroom or sitting room or even a small alcove off of your bedroom, transforming that area into a walk-in closet can give you the spacious and luxurious storage solution you need. Walk-ins offer maximum versatility and can even include a vanity and dressing area if space allows.

The reach-in system, which typically has a depth of 24 to 30 inches, is common in older homes as well as in hallways and extra bedrooms. They usually run anywhere from three to eight feet in length and frequently feature a single clothing rod and shelf. But, a redesign of spaces like these with customized storage components and drawer units can maximize functionality and organization.

If you need more storage and converting a spare room is not an option, a custom-built wardrobe is a great option. An attractive wall unit that complements the décor of your room can help you keep your belongings neatly organized with built-in shelving, clothing rods, and drawer inserts. Well-crafted wardrobes seamlessly blend beauty and functionality.

Flooring and Lighting

You want the flooring in your new closet to be attractive and easy to maintain. While carpeting creates warmth, many homeowners feel it is harder to keep clean than other flooring options like wood, vinyl, or ceramic tile. If you do opt for a hard surface floor, you can always lay down a plush rug-which can be removed as needed for cleaning-to keep the area cozy.

When you consider lighting options, remember that you want to place your lighting source between you and the objects in front of you. If the light is behind you, it will cast a shadow in front of you, making it harder to find what you are looking for. For added convenience, you might consider a motion-activated lighting system that switches on when you enter your closet.

Adding Personality

When your organization needs have been met, consider adding some personality to your customized storage system. Crown molding and paneled doors add an elegant touch, and accessories like a valet pole or a center island with extra cabinetry will let you make the space your own.